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My Why

We become the best versions of ourselves when we've attained balance between inner happiness and serving others. Cultivating a sense of joy for our craft while contributing to something greater than ourselves is the goal for every professional. In working with young professionals to identify hidden talents and in-demand skills, we'll find that balance together and work toward positioning you for professional and financial success.




On-Demand Career Coaching

Whether you're looking for guidance on an upcoming salary negotiation, interview tips and tricks, or simply a nudge of encouragement before a final round presentation, this service is for you. In the age of subscription-based, regular payment plans, sometimes we actually don't need constant support. Let's set up a 15 minute Zoom call and have you feeling confident before walking into that interview -- no strings attached!

Talent Acquisition and Recruiting

In addition to working with individual clients, I work as a full-cycle recruiter and have experience recruiting for high-growth tech startups in health tech, fin-tech, ad-tech, e-commerce, and cybersecurity. I have successfully filled roles in every job vertical from Accounting and Finance, to Sales and Marketing, to Product, Tech, and User Experience. Let's schedule a consult to discuss your hiring goals and formulate an action plan to meet them quickly.

Business Meeting

Career Reinvention and  Planning

This concept is designed to help professionals uncover, define and align their career objectives with their passions and unique skills. My 10-step framework is designed to help you discover the obstacles that lay ahead of your path, shine light on habits and routines that will facilitate your momentum, and ultimately guide you to mastery of your professional craft.


Happy Clients

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Attentive Mobile
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Farshad was a true professional in helping me find my manager. Because of his ability to foster a personal relationship while establishing a professional one, he was laser-focused on getting the right person for my career growth, as well as someone who would mesh with my personality. Throughout the process, our communication was amazing and his strategy to find the right person, not the first person that checked off the boxes (for qualifications), was flawless. With this, I was able to find someone who really worked for me, and prepared me for the next steps in my career. I owe a lot to him, and look forward to the next time I can together in the future!


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