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light at the end of the tunnel

Your greatest insecurity, heightened. Your fears manifesting into reality. Feeling like you’re not enough, feeling like you’re not worthy, feeling like you don’t compare, feeling like you want to crawl away into a hole and cry.

If you’ve been let go, cut, furloughed, or outright terminated, these feelings probably resonate with you. As kids we learn to idolize our caretakers and loved ones. We learn that work is life - not by listening but by watching our parents and older family members engage in the world of work and gain affirmation from it. Then we grow up and it’s our turn. “I must choose a career and become the very best at it. My job and my career define who I am, what I’m worth, and who I get to connect with.” However, in reality, at the drop of a hat or the spread of a virus, your career and job prospects can vanish. It’s unrealistic to believe that we’ll always be in control of our professional lives and trajectories.

If you’re caught in a cycle and are struggling to see the light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel, you are not alone. Experts believe that by this time in 2021, we can expect unemployment to have landed near 19%, some even anticipating it to be closer to 30%. How do we make sure that we don’t get swept up in the vacuum?

I am launching this channel to help you answer exactly that for yourself. There is no way of knowing for certain what the economy of tomorrow will look like, but what we can do today is to position ourselves so that when the dust settles, we’re in position to take advantage of whatever opportunities land at our feet. Allow me to enter your journey and offer a guiding hand in helping you find what’s in store for you next.

Until tomorrow,


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